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Last month, Pennsylvania celebrated it’s one-year medical marijuana anniversary! The program has been up and operational for a year now, and the first year has seen tremendous growth. In this time, the program generated a large amount of patients and doctors, in addition to adding a significant amount of tax revenue to the treasury. Throughout this past year, there has been steady and positive progress, according to Governor Tom Wolf.

The Numbers

To prove the success of the first year of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has provided the below numbers.

  • Over 116,000 registered patients in the State of Pennsylvania
  • Almost 1,000 physicians are approved to certify patients to participate in the program
  • Dispensaries across the state have completed nearly 600,000 medical marijuana sales

Success is measured by more than just numbers; patients across the state have spoken out about how helpful medical marijuana has been for them. The first person to purchase medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, Dianna Briggs, discussed how her son went from nearly 400 seizures a day down to less than fifty—and she is not the only one with this level of success. Patients have discussed how medical marijuana has been a great alternative to harmful prescription medications that have had side effects such as inability to eat, cirrhosis, allergic reactions, and more.

Treatment in Pennsylvania

There are 21 approved conditions currently in the State of Pennsylvania, including PTSD, Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, and more. Patients across the state have found the relief they deserve with the help of medical marijuana. If you or a loved one suffer from one of the 21 approved conditions and think that medical marijuana could help, please discuss with one of the physicians that are approved to certify patients for the program!

Your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Dispensary

In the past year, Herbology has opened up four dispensaries in the State of Pennsylvania, with plans to expand even more in 2019. Our current locations include Gettysburg, DuBois, Philadelphia, and Altoona. We always want to be available for our patients and provide a convenient and safe dispensary. With a variety of products available and a superb staff, Herbology is able to help you treat your approved condition.

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