Afghan Moon TruPOD by Sunshine Cannabis Strain Evaluation

Sunshine Cannabis is a licensed brand offered in all Trulieve places in the state of Florida. Sunshine Cannabis has been a licensed brand of Trulieve in Florida considering that their initially item launched in January of 2019. The initially strain released was Sunshine Kush, an Indica Dominant Hybrid in an eight:1 ratio with rave evaluations, they followed up with an incredible Sativa Dominant hybrid, Gainesville Green. Individuals have been anxiously awaiting to see what’s subsequent from the hottest cannabis brand in the Sunshine State. The new strain getting released from the Florida initially brand is Afghan Moon, a Heavy Indica. This strain was created by crossing a pure landrace Afghani Indica with the legendary Triangle Kush, a potent heirloom strain from Florida. Afghan Moon will be offered for sale on Friday’s August 9th, 2019 at along Trulieve places.

The new strain getting released from the Florida initially brand is Afghan Moon, a Heavy Indica. This strain was created by crossing a pure landrace Afghani Indica with the legendary Triangle Kush, a potent heirloom strain from Florida.

Prior to acquiring into the assessment on the strain, I’d like to give you some far more background info about how the item is formulated. Afghan Moon is presently offered in the TruPOD. The TruPOD is a vape pod that is created of pure cannabis oil and all-natural terpenes. It has no cutting, or thinning agents in it. The TruPOD is made for use with the TruStik vaporizer battery that is exclusively offered at the Trulieve health-related marijuana therapy centers.

Sunshine Cannabis creates their vaporizer solutions utilizing hugely precise terpene profiles of the strain’s actual complete flower. This is achieved by utilizing an independent third celebration testing lab such as ACS Labs to get the precise terpenes present and the ratios thereof. Extremely precise gear that can measure down to components per trillion are utilized to get a COA. A COA is a certificate of evaluation. This system of formulating guarantees that the profile created is as close to the actual complete flower as probable.

A lot of health-related cannabis businesses acquire strain formulations that are pre-created and prepared to go. This is why quite a few distinct brands of vape solutions taste and really feel the similar. Sunshine Cannabis truly creates their proprietary profiles from scratch, utilizing person terpenes, and this offers a far far more precise representation of the complete flower than a pre created blend that only utilizes a couple of terpenes. Now that you know a small far more about how the medicine is created, let’s get into the actual assessment.

When testing a new medicine for a assessment, I generally do it on an empty set of lungs, which means I am beneath the effects of no other cannabis medicine. I attempt the strains out initially factor in the morning, and late at evening, specifically for Heavy indica strains such as the Afghan Moon. I firmly think this is the only way to get an precise representation of the strains effects. The initially testing of the Afghan Moon by Sunshine Cannabis comes early in the morning on Saturday about 9am. I attempt this out on not only an empty set of lungs, but also correct as I get up ahead of I get any coffee and have caffeine.

Afghan Moon Effects:

I take in a couple of two-three second draws from the TruStik and immediately can inform that this is an exceptionally potent strain. I typically do not really feel powerful effects from a vaporizer just after a couple of draws, but this is way distinct. Accurate to Heavy Indica kind, my eyes get slightly heavy and I really feel my whole physique commence to unwind from head to toe. My regular early morning anxiousness from evening terrors due to childhood PTSD commence to fade away till I no longer notice any anxiousness. Ideal about the time I notice that the anxiousness has melted away, I notice one thing strange that is missing. What’s missing you ask? The physical discomfort I have from a number of herniated, bulging discs in my spine. I have ten herniated discs and getting discomfort cost-free is just about unheard of initially factor in the morning simply because I haven’t stretched out my muscle tissues and tendons but. I’m pretty impressed so far with the effects of the Afghan Moon. I can confidently say that this is the strongest and most helpful Indica vaporizer I’ve ever attempted, and I’ve attempted a lot in a bunch of distinct legal states.

I typically have to smoke a joint of fantastic excellent complete flower to get the intensity of effects that I’m experiencing on the Afghan Moon. This vape pod from Sunshine Cannabis is a game changer for me, simply because I’ve been searching for a item that I can vape and nevertheless comparable effects to complete flower. When I give the item a test at evening prior to bed, I knowledge the similar effects, but this time I take 10 draws from the TruStik simply because I’m about to go to bed.

Right after taking in the tenth draw, my eyes are pretty pretty heavy and I rapidly drift off into a deep slumber. I typically wake up 10 or far more occasions all through the evening due to anxiousness and evening terrors. Not only did I wake up far much less, only 3 occasions, but I knowledge some of the ideal sleep I’ve had in a pretty lengthy time. This strain operates exceptionally nicely for the situations that I’m treating, which are anxiousness, depression, physical discomfort, muscle spasms and insomnia. The euphoria of this strain is excellent and seriously goes nicely with the potent, sedating effects.

Afghan Moon Flavor:

If you are familiar with the distinct flavor distinction of a heavy indica strain, this is going to really feel like you are correct at residence. As the vapor crosses my palette, I taste a complicated and pretty nuanced flavor profile that is sweet but musky and finishes with a herbal/floral spice that is characteristic of an Afghan landrace.

For individuals that come across quite a few vapes are not powerful sufficient, this is one thing that I would hugely advocate attempting. Circumstances that should really do seriously nicely with Afghan Moon are PTSD, sleep issues, inflammation, muscle spasms, HIV, Cancer, a number of sclerosis, Crohns, IBS, nausea, insomnia, Parkinsons, arthritis, glaucoma, phantom limb discomfort, epilepsy, and any other situations that lead to comparable symptoms as these listed.

Dominant Terpenes:

Myrcene, Nerolidol, Linalool, Limonene, b-Caryophyllene. Click on any of the highlighted terpenes to study far more about every single of their effects. The Afghan Moon has quite a few further terpenes, but these are the dominant ones.

How to Get Afghan Moon by Sunshine Cannabis:

To acquire your Afghan Moon TruPOD by Sunshine Cannabis you can cease into any Trulieve in Florida beginning Friday August 9th. Orders can also be placed by calling the consumer service contact center at 1-844-Truliev, 1-844-878-5438. A single of the easiest methods to make confident you can get your hands on what’s confident to be an exceptionally well-liked item is by putting your order on the net at

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