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Brite Labs is a complete spectrum cannabis oil cartridge. They have prefilled 510 thread cartridges and Pax Era Pods. Brite Labs is essentially not also far from us and positioned in Oakland California. They began their cannabis concentrate cartridges in 2014. They are one particular of the 1st to pioneer the complete spectrum sauce cartridges, even though the majority of the industry shifted to distillate with higher THC content material.

Brite Labs focused on the high quality for its customers and the greatest customers knowledge. I believed I had bought a genuine Brite Labs cartridge, but upon closer examination, I noticed it was not a CCELL cartridge. It had Terra c205 engraved onto the bottom of the Brite labs cartridge. I reached out to Brite Labs by way of Instagram and was informed that they only use CCELL cartridges only. Unfourantely, it appears like the one particular I attempted was a counterfeit Brite labs cartridge.

Fake Brite Labs Cartridges

fake lab cartridges

The following assessment is on the counterfeit Brite labs cartridge. The cannabis oil was an amber colour related to other complete-spectrum cartridges I’ve attempted. This Brite labs cartridge assessment will evaluate it to an additional higher terpene complete spectrum extract cartridges I attempted. The price tag was $40 for half a gram Brite Labs cartridge. I’ve attempted other sauce pens with a larger THC content material that gave a a great deal additional intense higher compared to this Fake Brite labs cartridge. These other HTFSE cartridges are KGB reserves and Friendly farms vape carts.

brite labs cartridge
brite labs cartridge review

Brite labs cartridges are good if you happen to be not searching for the strongest prefilled cartridge out there. It is not weak, but it really is not a cartridge that is going to have you completed following one particular hit. I can propose a Brite labs cartridge to everyone who considers themselves a social or casual cannabis customer. I propose these cannabis oil cartridges for men and women who do not smoke cannabis at all but want to knowledge a clean introduction into vaping THC. It feels like crap to assume your getting a premium cartridge and finish up with a low-high quality vape cartridge. The fake Brite labs cartridge did not hit as great as a CCELL, and the cannabis oil was weak and not tasty. Terpene profiles had been just no great.

Brite Labs Vape Pens

This brand has released its personal prefilled sauce pens, we have not had a opportunity to vape one particular but will report back following attempting it. We loved the reality that their hash oil is all-organic and preserved the plant’s organic terpenes. However, Brite Labs vape pens have the similar low quantity of THC content material as their prefilled cartridges. I commonly vape Raw Garden Reside Resin Cartridges which typical about 80% THC content material. The Brite Labs vape cartridge I attempted was weak compared to Raw Garden. The typical THC content material for Brite Labs cartridges averages about 65% THC content material.

Brite Labs can be located in California, and presently has eight,794 Instagram followers. They are active on their Instagram and have been marketing their new sauce pens lately. Uncover them at Eaze.com and save $20 if your a new member on your 1st obtain if you happen to be fortunate sufficient to reside in California. They can also be located by applying weedmaps to effortlessly find them or by going to their official site. Brite Labs has a section on their site which delivers the facts on exactly where their cartridges can be bought. Working with any of these channels can aid counter against any fake Brite Lab cartridges.

Brite Labs Cartridge Strains

Brite Labs cartridges have an attractive choice of strains that are not countefieted. The following Brite Labs THC oil strain possibilities are accessible for their pod and 510 thread cartridge possibilities

    • Forbidden Fruit
    • Double Dream
    • Tahoe OG
    • Birthday Cake
    • Lemon Haze
    • Do-Si-Dos

And numerous additional accessible on either their official site or weedmaps web page. They presently have a four.four general rating on weedmaps. We propose creating positive to only getting from verified sellers on weedmaps or site.

Fake Brite Labs Cartridge Is Weak

brite labs cartridge fake

Weak strength sauce cartridge, but good if your tolerance to cannabis is low to not possessing any at all. We reached out to Brite Labs for some genuine cartridges and will update with a genuine assessment upon attempting them out.


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