Are We Close to a Vote on Actual Marijuana Legislation in Congress?



Numerous of you have probably been following the saga of the Safe and Fair Enforcement (Protected) Banking Act (H.R. 1595/S. 1200) at present generating its way by means of the U.S. Congress. With more than 200 co-sponsors in the Property and now 33 in the Senate, the banking legislation – which would make it simpler for state-legal cannabis companies to deal with banks and credit unions – is searching a lot more and a lot more like it has a superior opportunity of passing by means of Congress and in fact generating it to President Trump’s desk.

Reports indicate that Property Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s workplace is organizing on bringing H. R. 1595 to the floor for a vote by the finish of this month just after it passed out of committee in the spring. On the Senate side, the bill got a rather anticlimactic committee hearing in July and has received help from many regulators and representatives of the banking and credit industries.

So this is all superior news, proper? Every person in the cannabis neighborhood is on board with this achievable accomplishment in the close to future, yes? Nicely, no.

Immediately after expressing their issues earlier this summer season about the order in which the many pieces of cannabis law reform legislation have been moving forward, a group of civil rights organizations that contains the ACLU and the Drug Policy Alliance sent a letter to the Democratic leadership in the Property on the 17th.

“Since the start out of the 116th Congress, we have expressed concern to Property Leadership, the Property Monetary Solutions Committee, and member offices, that if the banking bill moved to the Floor prior to broader reform, it would jeopardize extensive marijuana reform,” the letter reads, in element. “Therefore, we have pushed for a conversation amongst advocates, Committee leadership, and Property Leadership to formulate a program for moving marijuana legislation in a way that is extensive and does not outcome in carve-outs for the business and leave behind impacted communities.”

“We ask that you delay any vote on the banking bill till agreement has been reached about broader marijuana reform,” they stated.

To be clear, I’m 100% for extensive law reform and undoing the wrongs of marijuana prohibition inasmuch as that can be achieved. But I’ve under no circumstances been a fan of complete-scale halts in momentum. The notion that Congress will pass banking legislation and then let the rest fall away appears unlikely to me. It appears a lot more probably that a victory in this smaller sized battle can be utilised to gauge help for law reform general and assist pinpoint regions exactly where votes have to have to be shored up.

And what appears even a lot more probably is that a delay in a vote on the Protected legislation will – as an alternative of top to consensus on extensive reform – stall momentum in a Congress that is currently overwhelmed with troubles that are observed as a lot more critical as we move into 2020 and the most significant political circus ever observed.

In politics it appears that stalling action in favor of a lot more speaking seldom leads to a lot more action down the road. Waiting and speaking is not a luxury we have as men and women continue to be denied access to medicine and continue to get criminal records even even though they have harmed no a single.

And in the finish, when you have zero wins, delaying your very first win in the hopes that politicians will come by means of for you in the future strikes me as naïve at very best.


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