Canadians Petition Government to Decrease Single-Use Plastic Weed Packaging


Canadians are demanding that Quebec’s government-operated cannabis retailer cease making use of single-use plastic for its weed merchandise, but the corporation claims its hands are tied by government regulations.

More than 1,500 Canadians have signed a petition demanding that Quebec reduce down the quantity of plastic made use of to package legal cannabis merchandise.

The petition asks the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC), the government agency accountable for promoting and distributing all legal cannabis merchandise in Quebec, to ban all single-use plastic for weed packaging. “There is as well substantially packaging for no explanation,” stated Ruba Ghazal, Member of the National Assembly of Quebec and sponsor of the petition, to CBC News. “The other request is to have a lot more ecological packing, biodegradable plastic,” Ghazal added.

The petition notes that the SQDC makes use of thick, plastic kid-resistant packaging on cannabis merchandise, which is normally boxed in a second layer of cardboard. Most of these containers are created for single use and are non-recyclable, and the SQDC does not offer you any solutions for its buyers to dispose of this packaging in an environmentally-friendly style.

The SQDC responded that the excessive packaging is important to comply with the federal government’s strict marijuana packaging regulations. “Producers and suppliers need to strictly adhere to government labeling and packaging needs imposed by the Cannabis Act and by Overall health Canada,” the agency stated in a statement reported by the CBC.

When the Canadian government legalized adult-use retail sales final fall, it incorporated a quantity of serious regulations governing precisely how cannabis merchandise could be packaged. Each weed item need to be sealed in a tamper-evident, kid-proof package devoid of any logos or flashy colors that could possibly attract the interest of young children.

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This is the second petition against the SQDC’s plastic packaging that has been circulated in two years. Final year, Montreal resident Jody Aveline, founder of the Cans four Money Collection Service, petitioned the provincial weed supplier to take a a lot more eco-friendly strategy to its packaging. The SQDC is “pushing a lot more plastic on the globe,” he stated to International News. “It’s ridiculous.”

This earlier petition asked the cannabis agency to implement a refund or consignment policy to encourage buyers to bring their opened packaging waste back to shops. The petition also recommended making use of reusable containers, or enabling buyers to bring their personal pot containers. “What about [making the packaging out of] hemp?” Aveline proposed. “Why not use the byproduct of the item?”

Aveline’s petition attracted about 1,000 signatures in total. In response, SQDC spokesperson Mathieu Gaudreault told International News that the company’s packaging was “almost all absolutely recyclable.” Gaudreault added that “the SQDC is sensitive to this situation and will be searching at the environmental effect of our packaging through the subsequent item choice meeting with our suppliers.”

The corporation did not adjust its packaging, even so, prompting Ghazal’s new petition, which demanded that the corporation take yet another appear at devising an environmentally-friendly option.


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