How to Be a Productive Stoner


Lets face it — stoners have a fairly pervasive stereotype hanging more than their heads when it comes to productivity (or lack thereof). A lot of persons think stoners are lazy, stoners dont achieve something, or even that stoners are killing their drive to succeed with weed. When there are so many various stoner stereotypes that all boil down to cannabis buyers becoming typically unproductive, it can be really hard to think that there are cannabis customers out there that are not just demotivated and lazy stoners! But there are, in truth, a considerable quantity of weed-lovers who have discovered the secrets on how to be a productive stoner 

You do not have to be concerned about weed killing your drive if you know all the handy tricks and guidelines to keep motivated though indulging your self with some marijuana! That is why Leafbuyer is here to assistance you learn how to be a productive stoner. All you have to do is kick back and loosen up, light up some of your favorite weed strain, and get prepared to study how to smoke weed and keep motivated! 

Is Weed Basically Demotivating? 

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Just before we get into the specifics of how to be a productive stoner, we first have to address an essential query: is weed in fact demotivating? Cannabis has a undesirable rap as a drug that tends to make persons lazy and turns them into typically unsuccessful stoners. But when you appear at persons like Michael Phelps and Snoop Dogg, two nicely-recognized and thriving stoners, the unsuccessful stoner story doesnt really add up.

Thats since cannabis doesnt suck away your drive to succeed (so extended as you dont let it)! You can smoke weed and nonetheless obtain your objectives — you just want to know how to be a productive stoner. By avoiding all the prevalent traps which can drain a cannabis-lover’s drive, youll be capable to obtain the excellent balance in your life involving weed and productivity! 

Suggestions &amp Tricks for Becoming a Productive Stoner 

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Now that you know becoming a productive stoner is totally doable, it is time to study the greatest guidelines and tricks for how to smoke weed and be productive. Like with something, balancing cannabis with the other elements of your life is essential and requires some trial and error. So extended as you keep the objectives in mind and use weed in moderation (what ever moderation signifies to you), probabilities are you have a shot at results! 

Have the Correct Mindset 

The initially and possibly most essential portion of learning how to be a productive stoner is obtaining the correct mindset about your person cannabis consumption. This signifies becoming personally conscious of your personal limits when it comes to receiving higher and receiving stuff accomplished. Some stoners out there can wake and bake and smoke the rest of the day and still have the motivation for productivity, while other marijuana customers smoke half a joint at noon and finish up napping for six hours.

Theres no 1 out there whos can inform you which type of stoner you are or really should be, so its up to you to figure it out! Wherever you fall on the productive stoner scale, just be truthful with your self about how substantially you can in fact smoke before productivity requires a hit. To be a motivated and thriving stoner, its critical to have the correct mindset about your private productivity levels though higher. 

Know What You Can do Higher (and What You Cannot) 

Subsequent on our list of tips and tricks for becoming a productive stoner is being aware of what you can and can’t functionally do though higher. Any individual can get baked and binge a Television show, but only a choose handful of stoners are capable of receiving complicated tasks accomplished though higher. If you are an skilled cannabis user, probabilities are you know more or much less exactly what you are capable of right after a fantastic smoke session.

Logically, to be a thriving stoner, just dont get higher ahead of issues you know will be negatively impacted by weed. Public speeches, loved ones reunions, and essential tests almost certainly arent the greatest time or location to get baked — why not save the weed for later when your tasks are accomplished and youre absolutely free to get as higher as you please! 

Remain Organized 

Organization is crucial if you want to learn how to be a productive stoner. There are a million and 1 methods you can organize your life — from schedules to post-it note reminders to telephone alerts, use what ever performs for you! If you can get your calendar together and know precisely what you are undertaking and when you are undertaking it, it is really hard to go incorrect. Just after all, not even the most voracious stoner can miss a deadline they see on the calendar each and every day. Other than a complete calendar, the best organizational tool for the productive stoner is the humble list. Make as lots of or as handful of lists as you want, but you should certainly take advantage of each and every stoner’s greatest bullet-pointed buddy. 

Stick to a Schedule 

A single of the trickiest components of balancing weed with a productive life style is when you get into the habit of smoking all the time. If you wake up and smoke, eat breakfast and smoke, and so on, it requires a toll on your productivity. Attempt devising a dream schedule for your day, and stick to it!

No matter whether you wake up early and go on a run or sleep in and get perform accomplished later, its essential to have a set timeframe for your day. Just after all, becoming motivated and productive is easiest when you have a routine you comply with. Just like receiving back to college right after a extended summer season of freedom, it can be really hard to reduce back on weed and get functioning once again — but the rewards of productivity are worth the perform! 

Reward Oneself with Weed 

Final but surely not least on our list for how to be a productive stoner is the handy trick of utilizing weed as a reward rather than a offered. A lot of the time, cannabis begins to turn out to be portion of the routine rather of a treat to indulge in.

Alternatively of taking receiving higher for granted, attempt creating a list of chores to do ahead of you smoke once again. Not only will you blast via the list given that you want to smoke, youll also love that joint or bowl so substantially a lot more right after youve gotten some of your stuff collectively. The very same can be accomplished for just about any scenario — study for an hour and then you can get higher, for instance, or turn in all that tax paperwork and then you get to consume that edible. In the finish, just do what ever motivates you to be a productive stoner. 


So, if you are seeking for some high-quality cannabis items to reward all your really hard perform, try visiting your neighborhood dispensary and checking out what they have in stock. Or hop on the net and see what the most up-to-date and greatest offers the cannabis industry has to provide! And hey, some would argue that saving dollars on weed is a productive move itself. 



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