Veritas Farms Delivers a Glimpse of the Future for American Hemp

With the industry for goods with containing cannabidiol, or CBD, expanding by leaps and bounds, industrial hemp farms about the globe are operating overtime to cultivate cannabis plants with no intoxicating components. Whilst industrial hemp is cultivated for the oils it can yield in numerous components of the globe, pending legislation promises to make it a lot easier for farmers across the United States to get into cannabis cultivation with a concentrate on CBD—one of the non-intoxicating cannabinoids discovered in cannabis.

To understand much more, we visited a US hemp farm that is currently thriving—Veritas Farms in stunning Pueblo, Colorado—to get a very first-hand appear at how these farms are transforming an business. Whilst adult-use cannabis of all stripes is legal in Colorado, the cannabis grown at Veritas Farms consists of nearly no intoxicating THC.

In the video above, Veritas Farms’ Rianna Meyer discusses how their group develops complete-spectrum CBD goods from seed to retailer shelves, and why they really feel that maintaining production nearby is important to earning the trust of buyers in this swiftly expanding business.

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