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At Nature’s Ultra, we’re committed to giving our shoppers with the most effective CBD oils in the marketplace. We concentrate on high quality in each and every single step of the procedure, from the moment the hemp seed is planted to the moment the bottle of the final item is sealed. That is why we’re Young Living Seed to Seal® certified!

Our commitment to high quality has led us to create globe-class processes to generate our solutions. In our final weblog post, we talked about why we created some of the most effective farming practices in the sector. Currently, we’re going to speak about why our manufacturing processes are also amongst the most effective!

Why We Use MCT Oil

Our CBD oil solutions are our incredibly personal Wise Spectrum mixture of CBD oil, Young Living critical oils, and MCT oil as a carrier oil. We’ve covered carrier oils in a preceding weblog post, but let’s go via it once more in case you missed it! Carrier oils are oils that are employed to dilute other oils so you can use them safely. For instance, critical oils are particularly potent, and if you apply them straight to your skin, they can bring about redness, irritation, or even burning. A carrier oil dilutes them to the point that they’re nonetheless efficient, but are protected to use on your skin. 

At Nature’s Ultra, we use MCT oil as our carrier oil. MCT oil is, as its name implies, an oil that includes higher concentrations of MCT. MCT is quick for medium-chain triglycerides, which are fats that are usually located in foods such as coconut oil

We chose MCT oil since compared to lengthy-chain triglycerides, MCTs are broken down and absorbed into your physique a lot more swiftly. They’re absorbed by your liver, exactly where they can either be employed as an power supply or turned into ketones. These ketones can deliver an option supply of power for your brain, which usually utilizes glucose for its power supply. These advantages make MCT oil the best carrier oil for our CBD!

Why We Use Glass Bottles

Let’s speak about our packaging. There’s a cause we chose to use glass bottles for our solutions! 

As you most likely know by now, our CBD oils are combined with globe-class critical oils from Young Living. Important oils are potent, and when they’re stored in plastic bottles, they can bring about harm or deterioration. That can then contaminate the oil itself. Glass bottles, on the other hand, are non-reactive in nature and will not harm the oils they hold. That is why at Nature’s Ultra, we bottle all of our CBD oils in glass bottles!

Why We Use Black Bottles

Now you know why we use glass bottles. But it is not just the material that matters. Think it or not, the colour of the bottle also tends to make a distinction! You see, light can harm our CBD oil solutions by causing oxidation. This in turn denatures the make up of our oils, rendering them significantly less efficient. We place our solutions in black bottles to shield them from light and make sure that when you order our solutions, they’re as potent and higher-high quality as achievable. 

Why We Use Droppers

Something that touches our solutions was very carefully chosen to make sure that it is each protected and efficient, and the droppers that you use for our solutions are no exception. We use graduated droppers created out of glass for the exact same cause we use glass bottles: glass is non-reactive and will not bring about any harm to the oils. Our droppers have a poly-urethane tip, and they are marked clearly so you can measure the quantity of CBD oil that you’d like to use!

Why Kid Lock Caps

We’ve covered the material of our bottles and the droppers we use. Now let’s speak about the caps! Any time solutions are intended for adult use, it is critical to make sure that they’re capped in a way that will avert kids from consuming them on their personal. FDA and DEA regulations call for the use of kid lock caps, and we’re committed to complying with these regulations. We’re also continually hunting for option packaging that is compliant with FDA and DEA regulations and manageable for you, as properly.


CBD solutions are nonetheless comparatively new, and the legal landscape that surrounds them alterations speedily and on a regular basis. We function tough to keep abreast of the ever-altering marketplace to make sure that all the things we do is compliant with FDA regulations, such as what we place on our labels.

Our labels are pre-FDA-authorized just before we location them on the bottles. As FDA regulations modify, our labels do, as properly. That is why you may well notice that some of our labeling may well sometimes say various items. You can rest assured that the item inside includes our pure, potent CBD and critical oils from Young Living! 

Testing In Manufacturing Facilities

At Nature’s Ultra, we’re committed to giving our shoppers with the highest-high quality solutions achievable. That signifies generating CBD oils that are pure, potent, and include % THC, which is the psychoactive compound from the cannabis plant that causes euphoric side effects. That is why we created our rigorous high quality assurance method! We test many occasions all through the manufacturing processes to make sure that our solutions include no pesticides, heavy metals, or harsh chemical substances. The outcome is higher-high quality CBD oils that are as pure as achievable.

We want you to really feel totally confident about the solutions you are employing, so we deliver you with our lab benefits. Just pay a visit to our item verification web page right here, choose the batch quantity that matches the 1 on the bottom of the bottle of your item, and study via the benefits!

Fulfillment Centers

As soon as you have chosen the best CBD item for you, we know you will not want to wait lengthy to get it. That is why we offer you Speedy-N-Free of charge Shipping on all US orders! We use fulfillment centers all more than the United States so our shoppers can obtain and love their solutions as speedily as achievable. All orders are shipped inside twenty-4 small business hours Monday via Friday. With our Speedy-N-Free of charge shipping, you will be employing your preferred item in no time!

Now that you know that we concentrate on high quality in each and every single aspect of our solutions, you can really feel confident that the solutions you order are the most effective in the sector. Click right here to go via our item web page, choose the ones that align with your life-style, and get prepared to love our Speedy-N-Free of charge shipping!



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