Retailers Scramble as NY Moves to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes (Vapes)


By David Klepper and Jennifer Peltz ,Connected Press

(AP) — Vape shops in New York are scrambling to respond to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s strategy to prohibit the sale of flavored vaping merchandise — a ban poised to take impact this week.

Cuomo, a Democrat, proposed the ban on Sunday. The emergency regulation will take impact quickly if authorized as anticipated by the state’s Public Overall health and Overall health Arranging Council. Retailers will be provided two weeks to eliminate merchandise from their shelves.

The new guidelines come as overall health officials investigate what may well be causing hundreds of severe breathing illnesses in folks who use e-cigarettes and other vaping devices. They have identified 380 confirmed and probable circumstances in 36 states and 1 territory, such as six deaths.

Republican President Donald Trump has proposed a federal ban on flavored e-cigarettes and vaping merchandise, but Cuomo stated Monday the emergency regulations are warranted mainly because the state cannot wait.

Vaping we know is unsafe,” Cuomo stated Monday on WNYC public radio. “At a minimum, it addicts young folks to nicotine… I’ve grown tired and weary of waiting for the federal government to act responsibly, regardless of whether it is on guns, on opioids or on the atmosphere.”

On Monday shopkeeper Ashif Lakhani was minding the NYC Smoke Shop &amp Vape Shop, which now derives about 40% to 50% of its company from the sale of vaping merchandise. He stated he is convinced that the current wave of vaping-connected overall health complications stem from black-market place merchandise, not the ones on the shelves of the shop, which his brother owns.

He stated he worries New York’s prospective regulations will drive a lot more vapers to the black market place and/or on the web vendors — exactly where he notes that merchants cannot see their shoppers when checking their ages.

“These sorts of shops, which do the age verification … must be provided a fair likelihood, rather than this on the web stuff, which no one knows who’s purchasing,” Lakhani stated.

The ban would not effect tobacco- and menthol-flavored e-cigarettes, a detail that was criticized by overall health groups who stated they be concerned young vapers will merely switch varieties to steer clear of the restrictions. It will consist of all forms of flavored vaping merchandise — such as disposable and refillable devices.

Cuomo stated numerous vaping flavors — such as bubblegum and cotton candy — seem intended to appeal to younger smokers.

According to information from the state overall health division, almost 40% of higher college seniors and 27% of higher college students general in the state use e-cigarettes. Higher college use went from 10.five% in 2014 to 27.four% in 2018.

Other states are anticipated to look at their personal restrictions on e-cigarettes. Earlier this month in Michigan, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ordered that state’s overall health division to come out with emergency guidelines to prohibit flavored e-cigarette sales.

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews


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