Domestic Violence Complaint Reveals Massive Grow-Op

According to the Police report, they found more than 1,000 cannabis plants in the house, 17.5 pounds of buds, 556 grams of bagged weed, 19 grams of methamphetamine, and more than 800,000 New Zealand dollars (about half a million US dollars). The house had everything needed for a successful and technified indoor cannabis grow: potting mix, irrigation systems, pumps, filters, chemicals, fertilizers, drying racks, heat lamps, fans, two freezers to store product, and a shipping container to stock all the gear.

Upon his discovery, the 44-year-old man did not resist the raid or his capture. Instead, he was surprisingly open with the authorities about his operation. He even told them that he sold a pound for 3,600 NZD. The Manawatu Police Department stated that the man was the main supplier of major cities in the region. They estimate that he sold about 48 kilos every year, making about 380,000 NZD in revenue.

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