The Immune System and CBD

CBD helps balance your system

The cannabinoids and active compounds found in Pure Hemp Botanicals whole plant hemp extracts work in sync with the ECS (Endocannabinoid System), a feedback loop of receptors that help regulate the immune system function.

Due to the structure of the CBD molecule, it fits into the receiving end of many cannabinoid receptors found in the ECS, very much like a key. Opening up neural pathways that modulate an immune response to foreign invaders, or the inflammatory response to the stress of pain.

The ECS plays a large part in creating homeostasis; our body’s ability to seek and maintain an equilibrium at the cellular level.

Maintaining this balance is a vital component to the health of our immune system. CBD can most definitely aid in relaxing our body, which is constantly fighting to create an ideal internal environment.

Rapid Response
There have been studies that showed CBD can promote immune system function and reduce the spread of toxins throughout the body, by modulating the secretion of a large group of proteins (cytokines) made by immune cells.

Their function is to signal the production of white blood cells, creating an immune response; this occurs when the body detects foreign invaders and attacks.

A broad spectrum of constituents in hemp seem to aid CBD in triggering the production of chemokine, a particular type of cytokine which leads immune cells directly to an infection to destroy invading microbes.

Cellular Health
Cannabinoids can promote rapid cellular growth and regeneration of cells, known as apoptosis. When a cell has reached full potential, it is normal to break down and create a new cell in its place.

While CBD can help the cells turn-over more often, the beneficial side-effect just so happens to be a reduction of symptoms.

This process is most noticeable when CBD is taken on a regular basis, especially by people with chronic conditions and ailments.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is crucial to maintain health; our body’s don’t create it, so we must get it from food or supplements.

Known to support the activity of phagocytes that attack harmful bacteria, vitamin C also helps the growth and spread of lymphocytes, a major player in our immune system response team.

Zinc is an essential mineral that is found in cells throughout the body, known to be supportive of a healthy immune system, due to shielding health cells from invading bacteria and viruses.

It is also a building block of proteins and DNA; the genetic material found in all cells.

Looking for more than CBD to maximize your wellness and boost your immune system? Our immune support formulas are a perfect complement to your supplementation.

Immune Support Capsules – 25mg of CBD and 500mg of Vitamin C per capsule.

Take one capsule of Pure Hemp Botanicals Immune Support Capsules up to three times daily. These easy to swallow capsules can be taken with a drink of water or your choice of beverage.

Immune Support Effervescent Tablets – 10mg of CBD, 500mg of Vitamin C, and 10mg of Zinc per tablet.

To use, simply drop one tablet in 8 ounces of cold water (or lukewarm water for a faster dissolve rate). Stirring can also decrease the dissolve time. Once the tablet is dissolved, sip away to your heart’s content and enjoy!

Pure Hemp Botanicals Immune Support products are a full spectrum CBD response to our community needs, with a few basic health boosting additions.

Always consult with your doctor before beginning any supplement regimen.

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