Taiga Terra – The First Cooler Made out of Hemp

Originally posted on gearinstitute.com
by: Seiji Ishii

Taiga Coolers, a Texas brand, announced the release of its Terra Collection of hard-sided premium coolers. High-end coolers seem to be everywhere these days, with new brands emerging frequently. But the Taiga Terra is different; it’s the first premium cooler to use hemp-filled polypropylene instead of conventional fossil fuel-based polymers.

Hyper-local Premium Cooler Production

In addition to the use of bioplastics to reduce environmental impacts, the Taiga team keeps production localized. The hemp is sourced from Colorado, and a Terra Collection cooler travels less than 1000 miles to be manufactured. This keeps production small, efficient, and sustainable.

Performance and Sustainability

These efforts towards environmental responsibility don’t mean a drop in cooler performance. The Tiaga Coolers Terra Collection boasts two inches of R5 insulation and a three-inch lid. Initial testing of a 27-quart Terra in 70-80 degree temperatures revealed performance, look, and feel comparable to similar models from other brands. Only time and abusive use in the Texas heat will reveal the long term durability and performance under extreme conditions. Look for an update in the future.

To learn more about these coolers check out the full article here: https://gearinstitute.com/the-first-premium-cooler-made-from-hemp/

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