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Cannabis brand Daytrip is venturing into a new category with the creation of vegan and gluten-free gummies that contain 25 milligrams of fast-acting hemp CBD and 50 milligrams of botanical terpenes per gummy. The Hemp CBD-Infused Gummies were created in response to customers who wanted to “feel something” from their CBD.

The simply formulated CBD gummies are available in three flavors: Apricot Vanilla, Blueberry Hibiscus and tart Strawberry Lemonade. The flavors are infused with Daytrip’s Foliole Nexus Technology, which boasts mood-boosting, stress-busting properties, and overall, the gummies are effective for relaxing muscles and inspiring mental clarity.

At a time when adults are focused on health, well-being and supporting balanced mental states more than ever, consumers are looking for easy ways to add more comfort to their lives.

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