The* that is( Show locks down in Taos

Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull created “The Marijuana Show” in the summer of 2014.

The show was created to help entrepreneurs in the* that is( industry produce a blueprint to achieve your goals and investment. Co-producers Robbins and Paull state they certainly were selecting the”marijuana that is next.”

“The Marijuana Show” is a television that is critically acclaimed that spanned three periods, with circulation on Amazon Prime. The manufacturers will also be the handling partners of tall Finance Fund – an international, exclusive hemp and cannabis investment. Robbins and Paull are, among their other achievements, major influencers in the* that is( industry.

The couple have called Taos home for many years, and Tempo had been in contact with Robbins and Paull prior to the pandemic disrupting any and all plans that are prior. But at final, it is a year that is new and with marijuana legalization likely on the agenda, we caught up with these cannabis industry pioneers, to see what they have been up to in quarantine, with the show on hold.

Please Tell us a bit about the two of you – how you wound up in Taos – and how you came up with the basic concept for the show?

Karen: It is Wendy’s fault, ha ha! We had been residing in hot Southern Ca, so we came across and dropped in love in 2005 november. After commuting three hours to each other’s homes up and down the coast, we decided it was time to together buy a home.

We had provides on houses in Malibu and Topanga and not one of them worked away as a result of putting in a bid wars. Therefore, after a tour of a potential leasing in Venice Beach that has been actually artsy – literally, all of the walls painted with unique art, perhaps the furniture we wanted something unusual, artsy… we looked at each other and realized. So Wendy Googled “unusual home that is artistic ” and you know what? We’ll allow her let you know the remainder with this story …

Wendy: Karen was at a time that is healing and needed to be in a dry climate and I Googled “Unusual Artistic Sustainable” and our dome house showed up! The part that is coolest we kept having desires with this home for a long time. We envisioned it, sketched images from it. We visualized the fish that is koi and indoor trees and I always envisioned a 3-D sculpted plaza or outside of New Mexico-style buildings inside our home. I saw the stars and sky that is painted the dome then when We saw the listing I freaked away and told Karen, “we need to see this home in Taos!” One later we were touring the home we now live in.

Karen week: We both knew that we would get married in this magical place and a year later we did just that, with 100 family and friends!MarijuanaWendy when we walked in for the first time: I became additionally buddies with Neil Simon, the playwright in which he explained times that are many would love Taos. That was years before we moved here.cannabisWendy: Regarding our show – I was in a TV series with Kelly Ripa and flew to New York every week for a year and Karen’s friend was in a reality show so Karen said (that we should create a show … The

Show was born – it’s like Shark Tank for the

industry.MarijuanaKaren while we were smoking a joint: Two days later on we had been auditions that are holding Denver. Cannabis in 2014 just became legal so our timing was perfect. We were instant celebrities in the* that is( room and are also considered two associated with the top 25 ladies in cannabis. The press ended up being astounding – Fox, CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, later on this new York circumstances stated our show could be the show to view. Mr. Wonderful even discussed our show on CNBC. We’ve been showcased times that are many Fortune, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal. We’ve been in Rolling Stone, Hollywood Reporter, High Times, Dope, NPR, Bloomberg, Entertainment and of course the Taos News tonight! The series can be seen by you on Amazon Prime. It has been seen by millions so far and we are actually editing the finale to Season #3 to release on Amazon Prime in 2021!hempHow has the pandemic impacted your lives and work?

Karen: The pandemic had a impact that is huge our work. We’ve a film manufacturing business and had been preparing our 4th period of the* that is( Show. In April 2020, our production came to a halt that is screeching. We recognized we’d to help make some shifts that are major our work and lives. What we are grateful for is that we had other income streams and continue to work in these areas. We are media partners with a top

fund, and we attract deals and investors that are new the investment. In reality, we shall be doing a Zoom intro to the fund soon, which will be announced on Facebook for any accredited investors. We are also relaunching Budcamp, an platform that is educational

, cannabis, healthier life style and sustainable living.cannabisFor myself, this change in my own life that is personal has extremely positive. It feels like I am finally getting off the treadmill that is corporate i am operating and dancing on, since my incredibly high-velocity many years of work with san francisco bay area. Whilst the VP that is former of for Snapfish and Zing, and other companies, then going into film production, I’ve had a great amount of success, and as a result had a higher level of stress than was good for my soul. So now, I am committed to a calmer, more grounded life.

I also have an MFA in theater and I may back want to get into training. Today we ski more, make gorgeous dishes for my partner and household, enjoy time that is quiet and find myself enjoying “retirement” from the intense career I had prior … and to quote Biden, “My whole soul is committed” to my new way of living.hempWendy: My films have won Emmy awards and I’ve made TV shows since I was 25 years old. My film that is first was for an Emmy. I became additionally an actor and found myself in the Juilliard class that has been an journey that is amazing. Next transition was The Tingler head massager – wow – crazy life-changer – we sold millions to 6,500 stores and online. Then I became a speaker that is popular ended up being happy become on phase with Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Harv Eker, etc. There would be 1,000 or higher within our market. In Taos We hosted a show on KTAOS called, “As you want.” I eventually got to interview Gangaji, Byron Katie, Marrianne Williamson, Gregg Braden, plenty of Hay House writers – then when We penned my guide in Taos, “Why Marry A Millionaire? Simply Be One!” It became a bestseller because Hay House published it.

I love conversations with evolved masters and specialists in wellness, spirituality, sustainability, company and

we will offer a variety of digital experiences on Zoom so that people can experience what we love so we are going to re-launch Budcamp, which will be a series of interactive conversations with the audience and the teacher and. Imagine people around the world learning how to make pot brownies, understanding the art of hemp investment, or how to build a sustainable home, or taking an art class with a artist that is local. Or Italy that is visiting and a meal together … it’s like “Master Class for Cannabis Enthusiasts.”cannabisKaren: We are also grateful to work from home, building an international

company with Prime My Body, it’s a network marketing company, however we are extremely picky about what products we take and promote. Not only are the products amazing, they are backed by science! We also both believe in the healing value of this food supplement and its ability to help us relax, sleep better, focus, look younger and lower blood pressure.

You live in a spectacular home that is sustainable it is your base of operations – because many carry on working at home, what exactly are your thinking regarding the future of Taos as an original model for a brand new way of living?

Wendy: We’re happy to the office from your home. We utilize Zoom for several conferences for Budcamp, for our worldwide

business and also to link investors with great* that is( deals. We have been doing a ton of work online prior to COVID, you can teach, do a concert, have an online store, coach online so we had everything lined up.cannabisWhat’s cool is. We are selecting qualified professional, well-spoken, powerful instructors for Budcamp – that is certainly one method to begin teaching or offering unique experiences online. We share the host and revenue the conversations and experiences to make it easier. Just go to our site to sign up and learn more. It would be awesome if our town’s marketing people worked with all of our galleries and artists to create a site that is robust offer art making use of our city’s advertising money.CBDKaren: Personally I think really lucky to reside right here in Taos, to own discovered the home that is perfect. Yes, we have made some adjustments in order to here work and live in stability. We included solar panel systems to just take our house off-grid, have actually added a editing that is mobile and office space. The still point from a New York City-born girl living in mostly cities, I find myself breathing more, feeling the ground, loving the quiet space. I have to state, the change to be in right here happens to be heavenly; it is quite lovely to be right here surrounded by the wonder and nature that is pristine of. I can see the gorge and river close to our home within a walk that is short therefore the Taos hill from our jacuzzi deck. Life is grand, and I also have always been really grateful.

just what are your hopes and plans moving forward?cannabisWendy: We might be done with our show. I love coaching, and conversations that are hosting experiences online from Taos till we are able to effortlessly travel once again. We concentrate on solitude now. I’m learning more about being from the grid, farming, meditation; and enjoy Master Classes therefore I can study from specialists atlanta divorce attorneys industry. I assume my plans are to simply live more. We used to travel so much and spoke at so many events that there was no right time for you to hear the Taos Hum! We’ve had a geodesic that is 900-foot for 10 years and we never hosted workshops – so once we can all gather again we would like to shoot workshops from the space.

Karen: Yes, it’s time for me to start teaching and acting once again! My role that is last wasMrs. California” in a play here in Taos, and a blast was had by me! just before that, we directed a string of one-person programs with my UNM class and directed a dozen or higher performs. In my own life that is thespian have found the most joy as I have been able to fully realize a character, and have had that gift my entire life. I have a gift teaching how to create characters that are authentic enjoy sharing my gift suggestions. Additionally i have already been a professor of movie theater arts for quite some time (after and during my life that is corporate would love to offer classes online and offline. I shall additionally show these classes on our Budcamp platform as well as in the springtime I shall begin doing a bit of workshops right here on our land, within our yoga dome. I’d additionally prefer to surrender in a way that is big foster and adopted kids, as well as lesbian and gay youth, so that’s my focus for the next 50 years.cannabisLots of studies coming out now on

and cannabis benefits. Are you optimistic about the future legalization that is regarding decriminalization?cannabisKaren: completely positive since we now have nowhere to get but greater! I do believe it’ll finally spread a level that is federal Kamala Harris wants to reverse her prior stance on

, and we also interviewed Gov. Michelle Lujan on this topic and she stated she would support federal legalization provided it was made safe for the children. As I take both religiously as my health regimen and have felt stronger and healthier ever since.

However for me Legalizing* that is( on a federal level is the direction needed to help our state and country realize the billions of dollars in tax benefits that will ultimately help with infrastructure like our roads, build new schools and hospitals. We are also big on decriminalization and did a documentary it. about it called “Legalize” you can observe our movie on Facebook on our MJ Show web page, so we will also be pitching it to Amazon.cannabis“Richard Anklam, the president and executive manager of this brand new Mexico Tax analysis Institute, told lawmakers that states that have been at the beginning of legalizing recreational-use cannabis like Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Ca, have observed tax that is significant increases in the past several years. Anklam, using a study from the Tax Foundation, a national tank that is think stated brand new Mexico could see approximately $70 million in excise taxes, before factoring in gross receipts fees, in the event that state legalizes cannabis for leisure usage.”[Section 280E of the tax code states businesses trafficking in controlled substances cannot deduct any expenses incurred in carrying on the production, distribution and sale of controlled substances]We do have medical

now, nevertheless it’s a difficult procedure to have your card. I must laugh reasoning of all of the PTSD diagnoses we now have within our declare that had been produced only for the objective of getting a card that is medicalcannabisWendy: New Mexico is expecting recreational marijuana bills to be filed week that is next. Our governor supports leisure CBD, saying it shall create jobs and generate millions of dollars for our state’s economy. Both sides of the aisle seem open to it. On a Federal level, Kamala Harris says this administration shall legalize CBD. She’s got a history that is bad of people up for and wants to make things right. In the* that is( industry at this time there isn’t any banking without huge costs. A business owner can not compose the cost off of goods sold because of 280E . Rent is outrageous. Once legal, those plain things would alter fast.Cannabis has a history that is 10,000-year. It is believed by us is medicinal. We’ve buddies that has cancer tumors and utilized

to heal the tumors using THC and Marijuana. What* that is( does is creates balance in the body, stops the fight/flight, helps our quality of life and creates relaxation. We have spoken with our governor times that are several legalizing in brand new Mexico. Then tourists can enjoy it and our state gets taxes that we need if we had recreational legalization.

(MarijuanaFor anyone who has not seen it, here is the link:

). THC (Sativa) works for a complete lot of men and women become more imaginative, laugh, clean your home; Indica can help you flake out and rest, best for anxiety. You can find various strains about them so you know what experience you desire so you need to ask the bud tender or read. I’d additionally like to see psilocybin (secret mushrooms) legalized like they’ve been in Denver and Oakland.(*)For more in the (*) Show as well as other tasks Robbins and Paull are busy with, see: (*)*)The (*) Show on Amazon is (*)*)

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