Former NBA star presses lawmakers for Black equity in cannabis industry

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Cory Booker and Sen. Ron Wyden announced this week that they’re attempting to advance marijuana that is comprehensive legislation.

“The War on Drugs has been a war on people — particularly people of color,” the senators said in a statement that is joint Monday. “Ending the marijuana that is federal is necessary to right the wrongs of this failed war and end decades of harm inflicted on communities of color across the country.”

“But that alone is not enough,” the statement continued. “As states continue to legalize marijuana, we must also enact measures that will lift up people who were unfairly targeted in the War on Drugs.”

Former NBA journeyman Al Harrington, who played 16 years of professional basketball, is a advocate that is leading reforming cannabis rules and it has been pressing lawmakers to enact modification.

The CEO and co-founder of the* that is( company Viola Brands, Harrington told Yahoo News that Black Americans deserve to have an equitable share of a booming marijuana industry that once “destroyed” parts of the Black community.

“Right Now we represent less than 4 percent of the industry, especially when you talk specifically to Black participation and ownership,” Harrington said. [Read More @ Yahoo]

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