Town Hall: Cannabis Board Drafting Rules, looking for Executive Director

A cannabis bud (Image from the Wikimedia Commons)
A cannabis bud (Image through the Wikimedia Commons)

The V.I. Cannabis Advisory Board is drafting regulations for medical cannabis within the territory and seeking for an director that is executive setting a timeline for creating the framework for its operation, members told the public in a virtual town hall Friday.

All six current members of the board took part in the event on Zoom: Chairman Miguel Tricoche, Assistant Commissioner of Health Dr. Nicole Craigwell-Syms, Dr. Catherine Kean, Dr. Gary Jett, Commissioner of Agriculture Positive T.A. Nelson and Chris Jones.

Asked for a timeline on when a request for proposal for hiring cannabis technicians, Tricoche replied, “We do not have a timeline that is specific. We Have Been taking care of building that framework as well as having the administrator manager hired, because it is a right part of his or her duties.”

The board posted the director that is executive Monday. Candidates can e-mail their applications to Miguel Tricoche at [email protected]

If one isn’t employed quickly the board continues to proceed through the method, Tricoche stated, even though the scenario that is best-case be that the board will hire an executive director who will then start the process of publicly sharing who is bidding and what they are bidding on.

Once draft rules and regulations are ready, the board will have a forum that is public the general public to review and appear at. The general public will have 30 to then 60 days to respond . The rules will also have to go through the federal government for review.

Tricoche said the goal is to benefit the people of the Virgin Islands and, it is open to everyone.

“We though he would like for the industry and technology to be local are intending as it can possibly be for it to be as much local. We are certainly encouraging technology that is local, once the procedure begins, to utilize and also to manage to get thier sounds heard. This May then provide us with, the board, the ability to vet who’s the candidate that is best whether it is local or international.”

Nelson outlined the range of businesses that might become involved.

“Some examples of types of businesses that the board will be reviewing will be in the area of a industry that is growing manufacturing like natural oils or edibles, or perhaps you may have a dispensary and a lounge,” he said.

The board desires candidates become genuine businesses since it is within the field that is medical

“Before any prescriptions can be written, we actually have to have the physicians on board. This means they need to be certified and qualified to administer the dosage that is proper unwanted effects, prospective toxicities, etc. just before referring to the company end, we have to obtain the physicians up onboard and qualified,” Kean said.

Several courses which can be mostly online is supposed to be presented towards the doctors within the territory with instructions towards the official certification procedure.

“We may also be taking into consideration the doctors, they have been in reality the people who will have to recommend the prescriptions before individuals head out to your dispensary,” he said. “This isn’t leisure so individuals cannot at this time over time walk in from the street.”

Nelson said that each and every dispensary is needed to have a consultant that is medical its team. The consultants do not need to physically be in the selling that is dispensary, nevertheless they should be an integral part of their group. People doing work for the dispensary will need some type also of certification at the cost of the business owner, the board members explained.

Although The board is still able to function with six members, it is also seeking: a pharmacist, a representative from the University of the Virgin Islands, a person knowledgeable in the field of naturopathic medicine, finance or economist specialist and a farmer.The movie of Friday’s digital town hallway is

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